Migrate old gogglesdb database

Goggles Music Manager is a lightweight manager with a plain but efficient window layout. After the quick startup you can manager media files in Ogg Vorbis ,Opus, FLAC, MP3 and MP4. It even provides support for cover art embedded in tags or in separate files on disk. It as a built-in podcast manager which allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds. Even a last.fm and libre.fm audio scrobbler is integrated.


Recover your old playlists

If you updated your gogglesmm installation from version 12 to 13, you’ll see a very clean window and all your old playlists seem gone. Your playlists, however, are still sane. With a simple import script you can recover them easily and avoid extra work with importing your albums again.

Download import_gogglesmm12.py and run

unzip import_gogglesmm12.py_.zip
python2 import_gogglesmm12.py

If you don’t have python2 on your PATH, check your python version with python --version. Chances are that your python is yet version 2.x.

Your new database will be located in ~/.local/share/gogglesmm instead of ~/.gogglesmm.

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