The open source report card

Recently I stumbled over the open source report card.

After entering a user name you get a report of the user’s github activity. For my github account the report looks as follows:

Romain Schmitz is a heavy hitting Shell coder (one of the 28% most active Shell users) who loves pushing code. Romain is a fulltime hacker who works best in the wee hours (around 4 am).

Romain’s developer personality is very similar to Matthias Loibl‘s but Matthias speaks fewer languages. There is also an uncanny similarity between Romain’s activity stream and those of Sebastian Neuser, Eric Phetteplace, TonyQ Wang, and Conrad Kleinespel.

It seems like Romain is — or should be — friends with Matt. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Matt is less of a C++ aficionado. There is also an obvious connection between Romain and Roland Hieber, Padraic Harley, Eric Stein, and trevorpower.

These days, Romain is most actively contributing to the repositories: slopjong/OpenSpaceLint, SpaceApi/OpenSpaceDirectory, slopjong/OpenSpaceDirectory, SpaceApi/SpaceApi, and SpaceApi/apps.


The two following graphs show Romain Schmitz’s average weekly and daily schedules. These charts give significant insight into Romain’s character as a developer. The colors in the charts indicate the fraction of events that are pushes, new issues, issue comments, new repos or branches, and pull requests.


Note: an attempt has been made to show these plots in in the correct timezone (based on Romain’s location listed on their GitHub profile) but this procedure is imperfect at best.

We already know that Romain loves pushing code but the following chart sheds some light onto what Romain does with their open source time. In the full event stream analyzed for this report, there are a total of 953 events recorded for Romain. The colors in the pie chart below indicate the number of events that are pushes, new issues, issue comments, new repos or branches, and pull requests.

510 169 165 58 13

Romain has contributed to repositories in 13 languages. In particular, Romain seems to be a pretty serious Shell expert with a surprisingly broad knowledge of JavaScript as well. The following chart shows the number of contributions Romain made to repositories mainly written in Shell, JavaScript, PHP, C++, and CoffeeScript.

295 290 253 12 5

The report almost reflects the reality except that in general I’m sleeping around 4 am. The peak you see there was an auto-commit script which pushed the new list of SpaceApi endpoints to the organization account.

And remember that it is just meant to be a toy and not meant to be taken seriously.

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