This is a regular text file

This is a regular text file.

    Nothing advanced and not much to see here but some words.

And you're reading them.

    Everybody is impressed with fancy designs, responsive layouts,
    and scripts that do magical things.

    However the most powerful tool on the web is still words.

Please keep in mind, this is still a regular text file, and you're
reading it: that's magical.

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  1. Zlatan Z.

    Nah! I prefer text but I must use your html form to write this comment! I didn’t do any further investigation but I am sure, there are tons of Javascript code behind it and I really hate Javascript! In fact, everything which has something to do with design is a fraud.

    But hey, that’s ok. For 99 % of the internet users, it is much more appealing to have flashing content with nice furling menus. And even if the only word were ‘shit’, internet users wouldn’t mind. The most important thing is bling, bling, bling ….

    Text is so 60s, they can be read by everyone: mobile phones, computers, it even doesn’t matter which operating system you’re using. But hey, carriers can’t sell you high speed data lines because who needs 16000 kbit/s for text files with 3 kbyte.

  2. slopjong

    An alternative to the html form is vim. I’m sure there are plugins to submit some text to a WordPress site.

    This comment was submitted with javascript disabled so there’s not even one javascript file required for the comments.

    With your second point of bling bling bling, I totally agree. That’s the reason why there’s nothing flashy on my website. Static CSS3 and some images are more than enough to make text look more nice.

    The last point is also true, there’s almost no device that can’t read text. And since at least 15 years there’s even no device that can’t render HTML. The first mobile browser got developed in 1994, though it was for a PDA.

    As a plus mobile devices are able to suppress image downloads to reduce the bandwidth.

    Essentially the HTML vs. text discussion is as pointless as the JSON vs. XML or Windows vs. Mac or Linux discussions. It hardly depends on specific use cases.

    If text is more appropriate than HTML, use text. If HTML helps to improve readability or the user experience, use that.

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