Using Git submodules or not?

Three days ago I split the main repository into smaller ones. The intention of the submodules was to allow other people/developers to ignore all the stuff they’re not interested in.

Submodules are or will be created for:

  • Specification
  • Validation plugins
  • Apps

The term App is maybe not appropriate as – until now – these are basically the tabs on the right side on The intention is to show others how one is writing content of a Space API page so that an app developer can easily integrate a new app into the project website.

I had to find out that using submodules is not necessarily the right option to improve the project structure. On the contrary, I had much more work to sync all the submodules and it decreased the productivity a lot.

I wrote here about my experiences.

My conclusion is that submodules are good for static things such as external libraries but not if modules have a certain relationship to each other.

The question is now if I should continue to use submodules or not?

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