Colorize the arrow in Inkscape

Since years there’s a bug in Inkscape where – after drawing lines – stroke markers always stay black, even if the color of the strokes are changed.

It’s funny to see some bugs never being fixed but this bug is the most annoying I’ve ever seen and which is driving people crazy.

Stroke with end markers


How to fix this

Luckily Inkscape provides an extension which colorizes the end markers with the stroke color.

Just select your stroke and click on Extensions > Modify Path > Color Markers to Match Stroke.


Final result

After applying the plugin on the stroke we finally have a stroke with its arrow heads colorized in the same color as the stroke itself.



  1. Iqedest

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    this information.

  2. Kellee

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  3. John

    One annoying oddity with using the extension to “Color Markers to Match Stroke” is that every time you use it it creates another choice of arrowhead (or marker) in the markers selection lists. If you notice it there and select it to add to the end of a new black line, you will get your previously colored marker on your new black line. If (like me) you always start a new inkscape drawing by opening an old one (with grids and stuff already setup to your liking) then you can get such an accumulation of different colored sized and shaped arrowheads (and all with meaningless names) that it is a long way to scroll down to find the simple black arrowhead that you want!

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