The syn2cat hackerspace needs more space

The syn2cat hackerspace – a location in Luxembourg where geeks meet – is a container building made out of two containers which offers space to two associations. Each association has two rooms of approximately 120 m2 for both together.


Gunstick, a member of the syn2cat hackerspace and a former atari demo hacker of the Unlimited Matricks group, has requested proposals for some restructuring of the lab which you can see on the left on the picture, with three windows.

Gunstick himself came up with proposals of which I chose 4 to show you. Everybody, also the blinds, can imagine that the room is totally overcrowded with a lot of tables, lockers and other stuff that hackers need.


The solution

Well, my proposal is maybe not very practical and maybe also difficult to realize but if space is the thing what lacks then the hackerspace must expand …

syn2cat needs one more floor.


And now you’ll see my proposal for the restructuring.

Ground floor


First floor


Getting it done

… or not. As mentioned above the solution seems impossible. The most important argument surely is the money, syn2cat just doesn’t have that much unless it’s getting a huge donation by somebody rich who supports hackerspaces. The other (not less important) argument is that syn2cat might not be allowed to do construction works.

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