sshfs: Transport endpoint is not connected

The article Work locally on a remote project with any editor in combination with SSHFS explains how to use SSHFS to mount a remote file system on your local system.

Unfortunately in some cases users experience the following error message.

fuse: bad mount point `/mnt': Transport endpoint is not connected

In this case the file permissions as well as the owner and group of your mount point look like

d?????????   ? ?    ?        ?            ? mnt

then just kill all sshfs processes and unmount your mount point

sudo umount -l /mnt

In this case you want to use additional sshfs options:

sudo sshfs -d -o allow_other -o reconnect -o ServerAliveInterval=15 /mnt -p 12345 -C

In order to use allow_other you need to uncomment the last line in /etc/fuse.conf

# Set the maximum number of FUSE mounts allowed to non-root users.
# The default is 1000.
#mount_max = 1000

# Allow non-root users to specify the 'allow_other' or 'allow_root'
# mount options.


  1. Rikard

    Thank you for this, helped a lot!

  2. Thank you; this posting was clear and good.

  3. If i download any video download from tubemate
    then following error coming and video not download
    —-transport end point not connected———-pls explain it

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. It works for me :)

  5. joe

    you saved me!

  6. Qiang Yang

    when I change “-p 12345″ to “-p 22″ , It works well. thanks a lot.

  7. Telefonterror ohne gleichen man wird bis zu mal am Tag angerufen hebt man ab meldet sich
    niemand geht schon eine ganze Woche so

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