Quick access to your scheduled posts or pages in WordPress

As a blog author or editor you might have experienced already the situation where you schedule posts to be published in the future. After a post has been scheduled it regulary happens that it still needs some changes. To access a scheduled post at least two clicks have to be performed which are not many but you need to move the cursor to the middle of the screen for the second click ― after you’ve found the actual link.

The plugin Quick Scheduled Access allows you one click access to the scheduled posts, pages or other post types via the main admin menu. Use the main admin menu to go to the section you want (i.e. “Posts”), then click the “Scheduled” link to list what you have scheduled.



In addition, the plugin shows the number of the current scheduled posts/pages (or other types) in the link. “Scheduled (5)” would indicate that there are five scheduled items of a certain post type.

The plugin hides the “Scheduled” link when no posts/pages have been scheduled. See the Filters section for how to override this behavior.

Also, the menu item only appears for users who have the capability to edit posts of that post type.

Adds a link to Scheduled under the Posts, Pages, and other custom post type sections in the admin menu.


Until now the plugin hasn’t been reviewed yet so you can’t install it from your admin panel right now. But you can download it from Github or through the direct link here.


  1. Unzip `quick-scheduled-access.zip` inside the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory (or install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ admin menu in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s not much that can go wrong or what cannot be understood but a Q&A section should not be missing here.

  • Question: Why don’t I see a “Scheduled” link in my menu after activating the plugin?

    Answer: Does that post type have any scheduled? By default, the plugin does NOT display the scheduled link if no are present for that post type. This behavior can be overridden (see the Filters section).

  • Question: Why don’t you show the “Scheduled” link for post types that don’t have any scheduled items?
    Answer: Like the Posts and Pages admin tables in WordPress, the default behavior of the plugin is to not show the Scheduled link if none are present for the post type since there isn’t anything meaningful to link to. Bear in mind that the behavior can be overridden (see the Filters section).


The plugin is further customizable via two filters. Typically, these customizations would be put into your active theme’s functions.php file, or used by another plugin.

  • slop_quick_scheduled_access_post_types

    The ‘slop_quick_scheduled_access_post_types’ filter allows you to customize the list of post_types for which a ‘Scheduled’ link will be shown. By default, a ‘Scheduled’ link will be shown for all public post types, which includes the default post types of ‘post’ and ‘page’. If other post types have been added to your site, they will also automatically be taken into consideration. If you want to explicitly add or remove particular post types, use this filter.


    • $post_types (array): Array of post type objects


    add_filter( 'slop_quick_scheduled_access_post_types', 'my_qda_mods' );
    function my_qda_mods( $post_types ) {
        $acceptable_post_types = array();
        foreach ( $post_types as $post_type ) {
            // Don't show the Scheduled link for 'event' post type
            if ( !in_array( $post_type->name, array( 'event' ) ) ) // More post types can be added to this array
                $acceptable_post_types[] = $post_type;
        return $acceptable_post_types;
  • slop_quick_scheduled_access_show_if_empty

    The ‘slop_quick_scheduled_access_show_if_empty’ filter allows you to customize whether the ‘Scheduled’ link will appear for a post type _when that post type currently has no scheduled items_.


    • $show (bool): The default boolean indicating if the Scheduled link should be shown if the post type does not have any scheduled items. Default is false.
    • $post_type_name (string): The post_type name
    • $post_type (object): The post_type object


    // Show the link to Scheduled even if no scheduled items exist for the post type.
    add_filter( 'slop_quick_scheduled_access_show_if_empty', '__return_true' );

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