The dark side of IT

It began with a simple idea, writing an exam simulation. I came across a flipbook feature which I wanted to use because it looked nice. This only ran on a google server so I rewrote the database access middleware to get it run on my own server. To get rid of the last bug I need to take a closer look at google’s datastore which I need a certain eclipse plugin for. Because that is not yet available as an Arch Linux package, I’m packaging it myself. To find out how to handle the eclipse update site in this particular case I have to take a look at other linux eclipse plugin package descriptions. To make life easier in the future I’m writing a Qt based console tool for parsing the update site’s xml files and creating the complete PKGBUILD. For this I wanted to use XQuery which is a new language for me. Achieving this I’m using Qt’s QXmlQuery which is misbehaving and according other users it might be a bug. Thus debugging and fixing the Qt library. Now starting to process all the previous tasks by popping them from the stack to finally return to my simple idea.

It looks like the solution of solving problems is to first create others.

Conclusion: The never-ending story IT lets you never run out of work.

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