Arch Linux: hostname moved

There was some confusion about the hostname tool which moved from net-tools to coreutils in June and finally it’s somewhere else since August 19th.

If you were wondering why hostname disappeared on your system and everything relying on it like my oh-my-zsh completion script throwing an error like this since then:

~/.oh-my-zsh/lib/completion.zsh:37: command not found: hostname

you should get the inetutils package with

sudo pacman -S inetutils

Update (25.8.2011):

I’m on testing. If you’re not you should find hostname in the net-tools package.

Update (6.10.2011):

hostname is definitely owned by inetutils.


  1. Rex Roof

    I just installed inetutils and I didn’t get hostname!
    it isn’t listed in the package contents here:

  2. slopjong

    I’m on the testing branch, see the contents of inetutils 1.8-4 listed here:

    If you’re not on testing, hostname should be either in net-tools or in coreutils.

  3. Thanks, I found it in net-tools.

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