Eclipse, Axis2 and Tomcat

If you are looking for a howto for that toolchain you’re wrong here. If you are here because you’ve got the same/similar problem than me, go on.

While I was following step 6 in this tutorial I got the following error.

Result: Failed while installing Axis2 Web Services Core 1.1

This forum wasn’t useful for me so I updated my Axis2 to the latest release 1.5.3 and checked the axis2 and tomcat preferences. The web service runtime was unfortunately set to Apache Axis so I changed it to Apache Axis2.

I did step 6 of the tutorial again while I deselected Javascript in the Project Facets dialog this time and it happily worked. Then I created another project with Javascript selected but I got the same error from above again. From that point on the error alway appeared regardless the Javascript selection. No chance to get rid of that error message.

Does somebody experience the same? Any workaround?

Update 1:

I downgraded to Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers (Build id: 20100218-1602, Galileo) but this time eclipse hanged up while I was creating the Dynamic Web Project. The process “waiting user operation” stuck. I updated the packages (Help > Check for Updates) and only an xml problem appeared which seems to not be a big problem as I was now able to create a project without any error messages.

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