Clock change

The same questions every 6 months. Do we win or do we lose one hour? What should the current timezone be on my mobile phones, UTC+1, UTC+2, GMT+1 or GMT+2? Is UTC the same as GMT or do they differ in the summer?

I always have to fight with my phone settings. In the winter it’s easy because the winter time is the “correct” time – UTC+1/GMT+1 – but the daylight saving time is more tricky. On the one phone the timezone mustn’t be changed because it’s able to set up the daylight saving time correctly (by a manual trigger) but on another phone I have to change the timezone to UTC+2 because it doesn’t offer a menu for the daylight saving time. To only change the time regardless the timezone cannot be done as synchronising all my calendar and appointments with the pc – ehm, sorry, with the mac – might not work anymore.

For the cold period my setup is done correctly, yippiieh :-) .

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