Lost connection of the hard drive

Once again I have some trouble with my backup drive today. The problem is that at any time the connection to my external hard drive gets interrupted. This is very bad if Time Machine, the backup software, is writing to the disk at the same time and there’s absolutely no rule when this appears. One more bad thing is that the system recognizes the lost connection but it hangs up until the cable is unplugged. It looks like the hard drive is going into a sleep mode but you can still hear the disk rotating. There’s a WD Caviar Green inside and after my research I’m sure that the case is the evildoer. This is a MacPower Pleiades 3.5″ FW400/USB I bought in last August.

These and those have the same problem with their Pleiades case and here’s a video of a guy getting nervous like me:


  1. ja

    The same problem here

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