svn2web is a subversion hook script that uploads the committed files to a server by the ftp or sftp protocol. With this script it’s very easy to keep your local development branch of your web project synchronized with your server as long as you don’t make server-side changes.

Be aware that you complete the PATH variable as the script isn’t executed in an interactive shell. This means no .bashrc or .profile are read. So you have to set PATH by yourself. You also have to pay attention to the order of the binary locations. I had some trouble with the Leopard1 svn installation and the macports installation. The former was an older version which couldn’t work with repository created by the latter.

If you get one of these error messages

svnlook expected fs format '2'; found format '4'


Invalid change kind in rev file

take a look at the PATH before you start debugging svn2web ;-)

For those who want to set ftp/sftp options you can do this by setting the svn property svn2web-options. Unfortunately this is nowhere documented so if it’s not working properly you should contact the dev team or fix it by yourself. Don’t forget to spread the bugfix with the world.

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