Legalsounds really legal?


I found the russian web portal legalsounds that offers music for just $0.09 per track. This has confused me a bit because music cannot be that cheap I thought. Did the makers probably forget two letters? Should it be called illegalsounds?

I looked for an answer of the question “is it legal?” but some people say it is, others say it isn’t. So what exactly is true?

Who can tell me more about it or who is already using it?


  1. As far as I know, Russia has far more liberal copyright laws than we have. Even if the site is legal in Russia it might not be in Germany oder the USA. So, the operators can probably not sued by US companies.

    I do not know what happens to you as a customer, though.

  2. LegalSounds is legal and really that cheap. Read a review of the site here: – it explains everything about the site

  3. slopjong

    Dear “legalsounds review”, laws might differ in different countries. If Legalsounds is really legal in Germany is not clear to me. I couldn’t find any resources that tell me “legal” or “not legal”. As long as I’m not sure about that I don’t recommend it.

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