Windows admin password reset

windowsAfter few years sleep I got my good old pc up again1. I was working with a limited user account for some reason but I had to install a driver for my new printer. Wtf what was my admin password? This was a problem, I couldn’t remember. So I asked my friend Google and found this nice post how to reset it with nt_pass. I downloaded and booted Austrumi2, a Linux live cd, and used nt_pass to reset the password. It worked straighforward but after the reboot I couldn’t log on. I repeated the same steps several times (with blank and no blank passwords) but nothing worked. I thought it would’t work for me because I tried something in Bart PE, a Windows live cd. After a while I tried NTPASSWD, another Linux live cd, which uses the program nt_pass as well but now this worked fine. So if you have trouble with Austrumi to reset the password just give NTPASSWD a try. It may help you.

  1. I shut it down when I got my MacBook.
  2. Only version 0.9.2 has nt_pass

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