WordPress 2.8 Baker Final really final?

The new WordPress release is available since two days but it’s still too buggy to call it “final”.

Christa reports

…the dashboard is messed up, image uploader won’t work, the tags menu won’t work…or any of the other menus for that matter…

I checked this and this forums and they’re plenty of bug reports. It’s a good idea to not upgrade as long as most of these bugs aren’t fixed. If you already did here’s a description how to downgrade.

Code Styling wrote an article about known problems. He published some descriptions how to solve some of them.

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  1. It is actually the first time that they have made a bigger upgrade official with so many bugs in it. My partner upgraded his blog without any problems at all, while mine fell into a black hole.

    This upgrade is probably the worst final upgrade I’ve ever seen of WordPress.

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