Widget Disabler

If you are testing widgets on your WordPress powered blog it sometimes happens that the widget causes errors that make it impossible to remove the widget from the sidebar again. If these errors have bricked your system the only way to get it working again is to deactivate the whole plugin. But if you would like to use some parts of the plugin that are independent of the widget you can’t just reactivate the plugin because the widget will be present in the sidebar again. For this reason I wrote a plugin that removes all widgets of deactivated plugins from the sidebars.



  1. You could test your widget on a blog that does not flood our Planet with entries. Thanks.
    (There are still two entries “What does…”)

  2. slopjong

    I tested my plugin in my development environment where it worked. I suppose that you didn’t notice the flood. My new plugin “Widget Disabler” wasn’t intended for disabling my own plugin. I began to include it in “One Word A Day” as a core feature but it doesn’t make sense so I decided to create a new plugin.

    The two “What does …” posts are part of my “Learning English” section.

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