It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Bug While I was testing the new release of my plugin One Word A Day on my live site it created ten new posts automatically. I didn’t notice that. So I left my work to do some sports tonight. When I came back online I checked my website’s traffic and I was surprised about unbeleivable 150 unique visitors more than usual. Soon I saw that those came to my site due to a bug in my plugin. I’m not sure now if it’s really a bug or maybe a feature :D



  1. Ovidiu

    why did it create 10 posts instead of one?

  2. Slopjong

    This might happen sometimes. Is it every time on your blog?

  3. Ovidiu

    ah, no, it didn’t happen to me I just read your post and was curios what had gone wrong :-)

  4. Slopjong

    I don’t know anymore what went wrong. It’s too far to remember it. I think I should update the plugins soon. There are more and more people using them.

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