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I didn’t know very much about twitter in the past. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows to send text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length, also known as tweets. It’s like sending an SMS to the world and everyone can reply to it. As I was curious enough to just create an account and to test it I felt in love with this nice messaging service.

At the first glance twitter looks like a web 2.0 application that nobody really needs. It isn’t. It’s a way to share your life with the world. Let other people know what you’re doing and what hobbies you have. You’ll find out things about friends that you didn’t know before. Thus you can communicate with people of the same interests. If you post “I’m going to a concert of whoever” someone else might say “hey me too, let’s go together”.
Even if twitter is a nice thing don’t go overboard. Don’t blog about everything which isn’t interesting for other people at all. Don’t tweet “I’m sleeping”, “I’m eating” or “I’ve just ordered my burger” every three minutes. Personally I’ve started to reduce my useless tweets like this:


But there’s more to it than that. There are journalists publishing news and scientists sharing their ideas that might enlarge your knowledge. To share news and ideas you can retweet other people.

Spreading news over Twitter

You just need to follow the “right” persons and twitter isn’t a waste of time anymore ;)

Hundred ways to use twitter

Twitter has grown up extremly fast since its invention. So there are plenty applications to use this service as well to connect people everywhere. You can either use your computer or your mobile phone.

Personally, I’m using Twidget, a twitter widget for Mac user and on my mobile phone Twitteresce phone which is a Java-based application that runs on most mobile phones.

Check the twitter fan wiki for other twitter applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. On 20 ways to use Twitter from your mobile phone you find several screenshots and notes to twenty phone applications.

Installing Twidget and Twitteresce

Just download Twidget from the apple site and click on your donwload. The widget will be installed and use-ready immediate.

For Twitteresce you need a mobile phone of course ;) and an internet connection. This was my first time using internet on my phone so I had to go to my provider user account to get a configuration SMS.

For Sony Ericsson K750i:
Go to “Internet services” click “More” and a further click on “Enter adress”. Enter “” which points to the download file. You’ll get asked where to save it. Then type in your login data. That’s it, now you’re able to twitter.


Before the download of 85 kilobyte my balance was 9.57 €. After it it was 1 € less although my provider is charging me only 24ct per megabyte. So pay attention, the download on your mobile phone isn’t free at all. Ask your provider if you are not sure how much you have to pay for your internet connection.

Update: I’ve just tweeted from my mobile phone and it only cost 1ct.


  1. hehe, yeah, you can post every kind of useless crap over there which nobody cares about. The way we use it, it seems like some chat service where everyone says something to some people and gets a reply (or not).
    Its quite funny reading it, but I would feel better if we’d host our own service of that kind, or join
    I’m going to post something on this over at my blog during the next week… until then, I’ll do some more twittering so I have more experience with the first service, which started the whole microblogging stuff…

  2. topshorts

    tWItter sucks! lol lorlfolofl

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