No annoying flash anymore

I was reading this post and couldn’t read the text without loss of concentration all time. The fu**ing annoying flash animations on the left side disturbed me.

Now I’ve installed ClickToFlash (Leo, Tiger). It’s a WebKit plugin that prevents loading flash contents. Instead of it a static image is shown. To load it just click it.

If you wish to load flash contents automatically just right-click on a unloaded Flash box and add the site to your whitelist. If no right-click is available in older versions try this (type it in your shell) :

defaults write ClickToFlash.whitelist-array-add ""

Happy flash free surfing!

Update: It wasn’t flash. These are gif animations :evil:


  1. Yes, those overanimated gifs are really annoying, esp. on slow computers/laptops. Not only webkit, but firefox suffers from those as well. Every webdesigner should be seriously beaten up for those… They are even worse than bad javascript as they can’t be easily disabled :-/

  2. oh danke für die info. ich habe mich bis jetzt zwar nie dran gestört, dass ich bei you-tube immer erst draufklicken muss damit das flash startet.

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