Celebrate time_t with me

What is time_t?

Time_t is a data type in the ISO C library defined for storing system time values. Unix and POSIX-compliant systems implement the time_t type as a signed integer which represents the number of seconds since the start of the Unix epoch, midnight UTC of January 1, 1970.

Why do I celebrate this data type?

Good question. Why do we celebrate the new year on December 31 every twelve months? Why do we celebrate our birthday? Well, these are significant moments for us. For me it’s also a significant moment when the Unix time number counts 1000000000, 1073742824 (230) or 1111111111 seconds.

On February 13 at 23:31:30 (UTC!) the time number reaches 1234567890 seconds. Because I live in the time zone UTC+1 the event should be celebrated on February 14 at 00:31:30 but this may get too late for some people. So I’m celebrating one hour earlier.

This day is like New Year’s Eve for us Unix enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy my party, leave me a comment. Please bring your own drinks with you. Either I’m cooking spaghetti or chili con carne. It would be nice if you bring (potato, pasta, …) salad or something else.

What music do I play?

Because the Unix time was born in 1970 the music playlist starts at 8 p.m. with the 70′s. Each hour one decade. From 11 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. there will be a wish list. Please post your wish as youtube link in a comment here.


  1. Archimedes

    Yeah, this is a really cool idea (though I first read on this at CCCMZ ;-) ), but I’m afrad I have my physics exam during saturday morning, so going to a party is a bad idea.

    Though, chilli sounds good, maybe I’ll visit you for lunch :-P

  2. matt

    I don’t have no exam, so I’m in :)

  3. slopjong

    That means you have one? You double negated ;)

  4. slopjong

    Archimedes wrote me in ICQ

    I don’t have no exam means that he really has no exam. Though it is a double negation it’s not like math where minus times minus is positve, in the english language you use those phrases to stress something (another example: “I ain’t have no time” means “I have to hurry”

    Ok, thanks for this explanation :)

  5. Günther

    …and I thought t_time was usually in the afternoon. :-)

  6. slopjong

    Are you crazy? 8O
    We are computer scientists, daylight isn’t good for us. Didn’t I mention it? I’m celebrating in a dark windowless room with no fresh air :-D

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