Get to Sweden for only 5€

Flight to Sweden

I plan a (day) trip to Sweden or Norway and found this amazing cheap flight ticket. That’s really a present. It’s almost for free. Ok the 9th February is not a perfect travel day but I’m sure there are more cheap tickets on other days.


There are only one way tickets left for 10€. But it’s still very cheap. I think I’m travelling in the period of 23th to 31th March. I prefer to visit Nyköping because it’s only seven kilometers far away from the airport. I still need a (free) accommodation. Best-case I’m a couch surfer for that time :) .

2. Update:

I’ve just found this post. I think I should travel to Stockholm. How much is a train ticket from the airport to Stockholm? How to come there if not by train? A lot of questions … And I still need an accomodation. I need a couch.


  1. matt

    ok, i’m coming ;)

  2. slopjong

    Hello couchsurfer. I’ve contacted more than one people so please don’t be confused if other people wrote here too.

    I only contacted people of more or less same interests. And now tell me how cool couchsurfing is (it’s my first time) :D

  3. Nykoping is like a really really tiny town, i don’t think there are any couchsurfers there. Contact me on cs, i’m marshaandfriends.

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