I hacked

I’ve just read a nice story about a “hacker” who hacked his own computer. For those who don’t understand German:

<bitchchecker>, a person who can’t accept the stophiphop website, entered the irc channel #stopHipHop. He provoked some users especially <Elch>. He said “tell me your IP”, I’ll hack your computer. <Elch> answered “″. bitchchecker’s connection was closed then and when he came back to the chat he thought <Elch>  had a firewall that returned the “hack signal” back to his computer. He started his second attack and once again he got disconnected. After that <bitchchecker>  wanted to send <Elch>  a virus. He triggered his hacker app and deleted the files on the computer with the IP which was his own computer once again.

There’s more funny stuff. Please read the comments below the article.

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