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Collroll is my new plugin that lets you insert your blogroll into a static page or into a post. The categories are collapsed by default. Here is how it looks like.

As Collroll uses the built-in blogroll no extra database table is used to store your bookmarks. Once the plugin is activated the background color for the category titles can be set. Have a look at the screenshot.

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Collroll admin page

Leave me a comment if you wish some features. You can also chat with me if you add me to your friends list on facebook 1.

Ideas related to this plugin:

  • Link descriptions (planned for the next version)
  • A browser plugin for direct bookmarking a web page on your blog. If you’re a desktop application developer contact me please.
  • Sharing bookmarks with other bloggers. For instance you will be able to show bookmarks of your friends on your site or just set a link to them.
  • Option to open the link in a new page by default regardless of which setting is set while adding a new link.
  1. I’m the one with the hockey stick in the background


  1. Hey, thanks for a nice plugin!
    I was wondering if there is a variable that could be changed so the link list could be started in the expanded state? Do tell!

  2. Hi there,

    One question… if I want to manually add the [collroll] in sidebar.php for example what code should I use in php? Something like … Or is there anyway to show your blogroll in sidebar.php but manually, not as a widget… since in the spot I want to show it… that area is not widgetized… Thanks

  3. slopjong

    I don’t do sports two days so now I have time for Collroll. I have another four speedskating races in September so I might work only on it if I can manage it.

    Not yet. It will come sooner than later.

    Go to Settings -> Collapsing Blogroll. There you have several options for Collroll.

    Some people were able but I could not figure it out. Did you try Collapsing Links? That plugin is not mine but give it a try. Let me know if Collapsing Links works or not.

  4. @slopjong: Collapsing Links works like a charm, thanks for the clue…

  5. slopjong

    Hey guys. Now it’s possible to turn on the descriptions even those of the categories. Nonetheless the update is coming in two weeks.

    Why two weeks?
    - I want to make other changes and I’ll write some documentation.
    - I’m participating on several speedskating races in September so I’m skating a lot at the moment.

  6. Thanks for a great plugin.
    I have an issue with the color of the Category title, when I change it there is no change in color on hovering.

  7. Thanks Mr. Schmitz for the plugin and misterjaytee the code edit to get the descriptions! Love it!

  8. Slopjong,

    When you make CollRoll is into a collapsable blogroll _widget_, you should find its popularity soar…

    Regards – AD

  9. Slopjong

    There is no need to make it widgetable because there is already one. Take a look in the readme section.

  10. Slopjong

    By the way. The project has almost died (with me) yesterday. Had a serious car crash.

  11. misterjaytee

    @Slopjong – hope you are okay (or at least recovering well). Good to see you can still type though :)

  12. Slopjong

    Hi misterjaytee.

    Nice to hear from you again.

    I want to continue the development. I had stopped because I was tired of debugging some strange errors. I’m developing php and javascript by “code and fix” and this takes too much time to debug something. What IDEs can you recommend for mac? Has anyone already used Firephp?

  13. In your example the links collapse and expand, but when you hover over it on the right side of the screen an image pops up.

    Can I do that?
    If I can is it possible to make it larger, and reside on the right side of the screen?


  14. Slopjong

    It’s possible but I need some server resources. If you can offer me what I need for that contact me please.

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