‘staticMetaObject’ is not a member

I tried to compile a code looking like this:



class AbstractClass
    virtual ~AbstractClass() {}
    virtual void update() = 0;

class Controller :
      public AbstractClass, public QObject

      virtual ~Controller();
      virtual void update();

public slots:
      void m();

#endif /*CONTROLLER_H_*/

If you’re trying to compile it you get an error:

tmp/moc/moc_Controller.cpp:45: error: 'staticMetaObject' is not a member of 'AbstractClass'
tmp/moc/moc_Controller.cpp: In member function 'virtual void* Controller::qt_metacast(const char*)':
tmp/moc/moc_Controller.cpp:61: error: 'qt_metacast' is not a member of 'AbstractClass'
tmp/moc/moc_Controller.cpp: In member function 'virtual int Controller::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call, int, void**)':
tmp/moc/moc_Controller.cpp:66: error: 'qt_metacall' is not a member of 'AbstractClass'
make: *** [tmp/objects/moc_Controller.o] Error 1

The error is caused by a bad order of inheritance.

Instead of this

class Controller :
	public AbstractClass, public QObject

you should use this

class Controller :
	public QObject, public AbstractClass



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  5. Andrew

    thanks a lot! This was useful. Though, I don’t understand why this problem arises. What does inheritance order influence upon?

  6. slopjong

    I don’t know why the compiler behaves like that. I’m not a C++ expert :-(

  7. nikolakoco

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  14. .. or your inherited class is not a QObject.
    e.g.: QRunnable is NOT a QObject
    class Example : public QObject, public QRunnable
    should do it

  15. Ile

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