Subversion on WL 500W

Maybe you are interested in installing subversion on your router. Well, I’m working on it what takes a bit time at the moment to solve some problems. I’m updating this post lateron.

First you need a Linux distribution installed on your router. I recommend OpenWrt because there’s a lot of documentation available for many types of routers. After I had flashed my router I wanted to set up subversion as soon as possible but I wasn’t familiar with OpenWrt.
The standard configuration didn’t allow me to install the package subversion-server. Even if I used the repository
So I had to do it manually:

ipkg install

The subversion package depends on apr, apr-util, libexpat, libiconv, libintl, libpthread, libxml2, neon, subversion-libs. Most of them were installed automatically but libintl and subversion-libs didn’t. Again I had to do it manually as described above.

First it seemed to work but it failed with the message “can't load library ''“. This means that libsqlite2 has to be installed too. After this last step you can set up subversion :-) .

Now you can create your repository, change into config directory and edit passwd and svnserver to create user accounts. Otherwise you get an authentication error when you try to access your repository.

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